Singapore organisations pioneer tourism sustainability programme to nurture future talent

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) launched the Sustainability Programme at RWS (Sustainability@RWS) on March 29, a first ever initiative for both that is aimed at developing skilled talents in the sustainable tourism industry through real-world learning.

The three-year programme is designed for students pursuing their Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management (TRM).

RWS will open up its facilities and leadership to NP students pursuing their Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management

TRM students at NP’s School of Business & Accountancy will have the opportunity to propose and execute sustainability-related business solutions for RWS, such as working on advocacy campaigns that target guests and visitors, and education programmes on environmental conservation.

The students will attend lessons at RWS’ extensive facilities, where they will benefit from industry-real learning. RWS and NP will collaborate on the sustainability-related curriculum, learning experiences, and assessment of two event modules – Event Creation & Design (ECDE) and Event Management & Operations (EMOP).

Lectures by RWS’ sustainability team will be conducted via the NP Virtual World platform, an innovative digital learning platform where videos, simulations, and interactions are presented in a 3D environment. NP Virtual World also allows students to gain first-hand insights into managing virtual events.

RWS will co-assess concept proposals by students to ensure that they are applicable in real-world settings, with some of the sustainability ideas adopted and implemented as part of the graduating students’ capstone projects.

Sustainability@RWS draws on the strengths and expertise of RWS to spearhead efforts in Singapore’s tourism economy and environmental education, aligned with the nation’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) development. The programme also reaffirms RWS’ commitment towards sustainability and sustainable tourism.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s principal and CEO Lim Kok Kiang said: “NP is committed to nurture the next generation of sustainability leaders and contribute towards Singapore’s Green Plan. Through this programme, our students will deepen their understanding of sustainable tourism, and have the opportunity to conceptualise and testbed innovative solutions for the industry. The industry-real learning experience offered by RWS to our students will be invaluable.”

“Nurturing the next generation of talent who can help shore up our nation’s sustainability drive is imperative. Through the Sustainability@RWS programme in collaboration with NP, we aim to firstly, boost awareness and practical understanding of sustainable tourism among students today, who can in turn drive positive impact tomorrow, and secondly, play our part in driving sustainability education and advocacy amongst all our stakeholders. This aligns to our broader ambition of creating positive environmental and socio-economic impact for the communities in which we operate,” stated Loh Su Kim, RWS’s vice president, sustainability.

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