Panorama builds network of travelpreneurs to boost sales reach

Panorama Group in Indonesia is boosting its distribution channel with the launch of Panorama Agent, a B2B2C business model that leverages on a network of ‘travelpreneurs’ across the country to connect with customer communities.

For a start, Panorama Agent members will be given access via a dedicated digital application to sell Panorama JTB’s domestic and outbound tour products, visa services and travel insurance which covers Covid-19. Later on, they will be able to sell other products such as airline tickets, hotel vouchers and admission tickets.

The new Panorama Agent will utilise a network of travel entrepreneurs across Indonesia to sell the company’s various travel products and services

Hellen Xu, CEO of Panorama JTB, said the company is looking to recruit
1,000 travel entrepreneurs – or ‘travelpreneurs’ – by the end of 2021 to support the new programme.

At press time, Panorama Group has built a team of 200 ‘travelpreneurs’.

Having ‘travelpreneurs’ representing Panorama will enable the company to reach out to more communities, a more efficient route compared to simply adding sales counters, according to Xu, who expects the Panorama Agent programme to boost business by 30 per cent.

“However, our sales counters, such as those in the malls, will continue to operate to serve those who need face-to-face services, such as dropping documents off for visa applications,” said Satrijanto Tirtawisata, president commissary, Panorama.

Sadewa, Panorama’s corporate secretary, expects the Panorama Agent programme to support the company’s efforts to catch pent-up travel demand as international borders begin to open up.

Furthermore, Sadewa believes the programme would enable the company to attract and collaborate with many skilled talents in the travel and tourism industry that have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

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