TProfile developing system allowing travellers to share data with suppliers from a single platform

TProfile, a UK-based travel technology company, is planning a cutting-edge addition to its existing suite of travel apps that will boast a concept similar to open banking, benefiting travellers and travel suppliers alike.

Tony Evans, TProfile CEO, coined it as the “open traveller” approach, wherein users can store their personal information such as their travel documents, hotel and flight booking reservation details, and much more, in a single place that is easy to retrieve.

Evans: TProfile’s new solution will allow suppliers to access traveller data upon permission and customise offerings for holidaymakers

Users can also choose to share all or select information stored with travel suppliers of their choice, in order for the travel professional to tailor-make a personalised holiday experience based on their preferences.

Evans shared: “We are approaching the development of this layer in our platform with similar thinking to that of open data concept within banking. The benefits gained in the financial services sector could also be delivered in travel. I foresee that in the new normal, holidaymakers will be looking for more personalised services, and providers that can meet these new demands will stand to gain.”

TProfile’s development of this additional functionality is currently in beta testing stage and in continued development. It is expected to be released in 1Q2022, and is targeted at both the FIT and group traveller.

With personal and sensitive information stored in the app, security is of utmost importance. Evans shared there will be multiple security levels and the compliance of all general data protection regulation requirements will ensure the highest level of security.

TProfile’s business to date has been providing a platform and a suite of advanced applications that allow its travel customers to deliver B2C or B2B2C workflows. The company has a broad range of customers in the UK, the US, and Canada.

This latest development, with a customer-centric approach, will give both existing and new TProfile business customers access to more enquiries and wider markets. Evans said the aim is “to deliver an exceptional experience for travelling customers and genuine growth opportunities for TProfile business customers”.

TProfile current business model is based on SaaS (software as a service) licence and transaction fees and it is expected this development will follow a similar approach.

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