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Reviving the hospitality industry by plugging into connectivity

With travellers harbouring higher expectations on personalised services as travelling restarts, the adoption of new technologies will be vital for the revival of the hospitality sector, says Sanjiv Verma, vice president, Ruckus Networks, APAC, CommScope

Personalisation, AI can help hoteliers drive ancillary revenue

With the rise of more sophisticated online bookers, hotels can cut their reliance on OTAs and grow revenue by changing their marketing strategy through...

Scaling NDC is a key enabler to rebuild travel

Despite the pandemic, NDC implementation progress among airlines and travel agencies in the Asia-Pacific region has not been derailed. Ramona Bohwongprasert, senior vice president - India, Southeast Asia & inside sales, travel sellers, Amadeus, shares why investments made in NDC will play a key role in tourism recovery by not only opening new digital retail opportunities, but also helping to deliver tailored offerings to travellers

Hana Tour, Amadeus strengthen partnership to accelerate online retailing

South Korea travel agency Hana Tour is enhancing its online retailing capabilities through a renewal of its partnership with Amadeus to implement solutions from...

TProfile developing system allowing travellers to share data with suppliers from...

TProfile, a UK-based travel technology company, is planning a cutting-edge addition to its existing suite of travel apps that will boast a concept similar...

Princess Cruises ups service ante with on-demand feature

Princess Cruises is introducing a new on-demand service that allows guests to call a crew member to their exact location to make an in-person...

Designing the hotel of the future

Despite a new emphasis on safety and security, hotel design is set to continue foregrounding sustainability, technology and personalisation.

Wave of the techno-future

Hoteliers are smartening up their act and future-proofing their properties by investing in innovative tech solutions like AI and robots.

Why tourism providers worldwide are still working on travel personalisation

Gladys Caligagan, conference director, Digital Travel Summit APAC, argues why travel operators need to undergo digital transformation to deliver hyper personalised experiences to cater to a growing pool of millennial travellers.

Personalisation key to capturing millennial travellers as APAC’s travel activities market...

As competition in the travel activities space is expected to grow in tandem with the market size, players in this increasingly hot sector will...

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