Visit Maldives woos SE Asian travellers in partnership with TripZilla

Visit Maldives has joined hands with travel portal TripZilla to launch a branding campaign to promote the Maldives as one of the world’s most preferred safe haven destinations, targeting the South-east Asian market.

The five-month-long campaign, starting from July till December, will leverage a variety of digital marketing components to promote the Maldives to ensure that the destination remains top-of-mind among South-east Asian travellers, in anticipation of the reopening of borders.

Under the campaign, articles on the tourism products (resorts, guesthouses, liveaboards, and hotels) and the unique experiences offered by the Maldives will be published on Tripzilla’s main website.

In addition, a video presentation featuring the serene scattered islands and the unique geography of the Maldives will be showcased through TripZilla. Besides spotlighting the activities that can be experienced in the Maldives, the video also highlights that the island country remains a safe haven destination given its unique one-island-one-resort concept.

Further, a variety of engagement posts will be created by TripZilla on Facebook to encourage viewers to engage with the content. The campaign is estimated to reach a total of at least 820,000 viewers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

As the campaign also aims to promote the Maldives as one of the leading Muslim-friendly destinations among South-east Asian travellers, the aforementioned articles will also be posted on – Tripzilla’s platform targeting millennial Muslims – and the HalalZilla Facebook page.

The campaign aims to create awareness about the activities that can be enjoyed by Muslim travellers, families, and luxury travellers.

Over the years, the Maldives has seen a steady growth in terms of tourist arrivals from the South-east Asian region, with greater flight connectivity to the island country. In 2019, the Maldives welcomed more than 87,636 tourists from the South-east Asian market.

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