Horus launches non-profit podcasts on future of tourism

Horus Development & Consulting, a luxury destination marketing firm based in Singapore, has rolled out a series of CHORUS podcasts to promote new ideas, values, and best practices in the fields of sustainability in travel and tourism.

Opinion leaders headlining the video series hail from various industries and across professions, with notable names such as Zhang Zhang, social entrepreneur and first violin at the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra; Christine Oberdorff, filmmaker and investigative journalist; Christine Galle, founder and director of Heavens Portfolio; and Cai Yinzhou, director of Citizen Adventures, Singapore.

Badufle (left) and Yew have lined up opinion leaders across industries and professions for conversations on the future of tourism

The episodes will be hosted by either Horus founder, Benoit Badufle, who is recognised as the face of the Principality of Monaco’s tourism campaigns in Asia, or Zhi Heng Yew, the company’s marketing manager.

Badufle said the series would also highlight other relevant topics, such as environmental protection, culture, heritage, leadership, human encounters, adventure, performing arts, animal welfare and more – all of which are “at the core of what travelling ought to be and must become again”.

“History reminds us that it is in the aftermath of global crises that cultural renaissance is born. The question is: what direction will it take? History also teaches us that these cultural dawns can be short-lived,” remarked Badufle.

“So, as the post Covid-19 era is becoming more of a possibility, we aim to play a positive part in encouraging the tourism industry towards better practices. We aim to demote mass tourism and the ‘consumption’ of tourism and travel, demote the ‘been there, done that, bought the tee shirt’ mentality, and instead promote tourism…based on respect, immersion, openness to otherness, whether human or cultural.”

He added that CHORUS podcasts aim for analytical discourse, allowing opinion leaders to “get to the bottom of things, and to open new horizons on a wide variety of subjects for which our participants are passionate about and wish to engage”.

The premiere episode of CHORUS is out now, and it details the manifesto of the project as well as observations on changes to travel and tourism from the viewpoints of Badufle and Yew. The next episode will be out before the end of this month.

Along with this series, Horus has debuted a line of sustainable marketing services to help brands articulate and communicate their sustainability goals.

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