Irish tours and activities booking solution readies for Asia expansion

Ireland-headquartered TripAdmit, which specialises in an end-to-end booking solution for tours and activities businesses, has set out on an Asian expansion, with Singapore as its launch pad.

Its core product, TripAdmit Thrive, comprises an online booking engine, price and inventory management system, online payment gateway, content and information management system, channel management solutions, and reporting and operations capabilities. TripAdmit Thrive is backed by a distribution network that includes hotels and airlines.

John Maguire, co-founder & CEO, told TTG Asia that the region is an attractive one, due to its growing appetite for tourism products and the presence of a large community of tours and activities providers that have been slow to digitise.

TripAdmit will take a progressive approach to its Asia expansion, with a careful selection of markets that are a best fit with its product and resources.

“(We have to consider) our product, the team that we have, and our network of contacts. When one enters a new market, having relationships and a network on the ground is important. For all that, Singapore makes the most sense for us,” Maguire explained, adding that he intends to move first into just one or two countries.

The company has made some new hires to support its expansion, including former Airbnb Experiences global market manager Matias Machesich, who is now international new business development manager with TripAdmit; and Carl Cromie, previously with GetTransfer, as director of travel partnerships.

The team is laying the groundwork for its Asian presence, with a focus on identifying different distribution partners as well as partners that it can “join up with, whether it is a reseller relationship or joint venture”.

Maguire sees opportunities to boost ancillary revenue streams for hotels in Asia that have had their traditional accommodation business affected by the pandemic.

Beyond hotels, Maguire believes that other tourism players such as travel agents, camp sites, accommodation sellers outside of hotels, and transportation companies could also benefit from upselling tours and activities.

“Traditionally, people see hotels and airlines as the masters of upselling ancillary products. But as the tours and activities industry digitises, it opens up connections to a wider travel industry,” he said.

TripAdmit will maintain its pricing model for Asia, which requires no upfront fees and charges begin only when the tours and activities provider starts generating revenue.

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