TTG Conversations: Innovator Chat with Monster Day Tours and Lion Heartlanders

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration over competition – and for two tour operators in Singapore, closing ranks have saved their skins amid these testing times.

TY Suen and Byron Koh, founders of Woopa Travels and Lion Heartlanders, respectively, began talks of collaboration shortly before Covid-19 struck.

When Singapore entered the circuit breaker period last year, Woopa Travels launched a new series of virtual tours under its Monster Day Tours brand. The Virtual Bingo Tours dangle the lure of prizes and spur active participation by gamifying live broadcasts of local exploration. They have since evolved to include different locations in Singapore, as well as a Kyoto itinerary, accompanied by a new breed of physical and hybrid learning tours.

In this episode of TTG Conversations: Innovator Chat, Suen and Koh reveal how these innovations and risks proved critical for survival.

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