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Asia/Singapore Tuesday, 28th March 2023
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Tag: Monster Day Tours

Monster Day Tours to launch tour with three design concepts

Monster Day Tours has recently been awarded by the DesignSingapore Council to conduct a tour showcasing three design concepts recognised by the President*s Design Award. The...

Monster Day Tours rolls out National Day deals

Singapore agency Monster Day Tours has launched a series of new tours in line with National Day, with all proceeds from tours conducted in...

Animal Farm & Nature Highlights virtual tour

A virtual sojourn to New Zealand brought Cheryl Ong to animal paradise on a lifestyle farm, making for a nice nature getaway from the comfort of home.

TTG Conversations: Innovator Chat with Monster Day Tours and Lion Heartlanders

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration over competition – and for two tour operators in Singapore, closing ranks have saved their...

Virtual Bingo Tour

In this next level of virtual travel by Singapore-based Monster Day Tours, participants can play along with a Bingo card to win prizes like food and vouchers. Pamela Chow gives the Virtual Bingo Tour a spin

Singapore travel agency rolls out virtual tours with a twist

With border restrictions keeping foreign tourists at bay, Singapore operator Monster Day Tours is aiming to keep tour guiding alive by launching a double...

Singaporean tour operator grooms young talent to drive industry innovation

With a team comprising some of Singapore’s youngest tour guides, Monster Day Tours is on a mission to pump passion and innovation back into the business of tours.

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