Malaysia Airlines to roll out digital travel health pass

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has plans to introduce the Digital Travel Health Pass to help streamline its passengers’ travel journey, in the latest effort by the airline to instil post-pandemic travel confidence.

The health pass, which will be integrated with the MAS mobile app, will allow passengers to easily make appointments with certified medical partners to carry out a Covid-19 RT-PCR test or include their Covid-19 vaccination certificate on their mobile phones.

The travel health pass is part of Malaysia Airlines’ commitment to provide safe travels to its passengers 

In addition, passengers can verify their travel eligibility with the airline before their travels, making them aware and informed of the constantly developing travel policies worldwide.

The Digital Travel Health Pass will incorporate some modules of the IATA Travel Pass that have been developed on the basic principle to allow travellers to be in control of their journey while travelling around the world.

With that, passengers will be able to create a digital passport, verify their test/vaccination requirements and status, and share their “OK to Travel” status with the relevant authorities. This digital ID on the App will pave the way for MAS’ passengers to eventually take advantage of contactless technology options throughout the travel processes.

As part of the airline’s efforts to provide safe travels to its passengers amid the pandemic, the travel health pass is the one-step solution in ensuring all passengers can travel safely while maintaining that all the necessary precautions are taken in limiting the spread of the virus. Creating a contactless journey with travel documents stored securely on the platform, passengers will enjoy a safer, end-to-end seamless travel experience.

MAS said that it is working closely with the relevant authorities to roll out the health pass, with more details to be revealed “in the coming weeks”.

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