KTO cooks up halal-themed videos to woo Muslim tourists

Two tourists standing at Halal Food restaurant in Korea.

With international travel still largely off the table, Korea Tourism Organization remains hungry to stay connected with Muslim tourists and is serving up a visual feast of halal-themed videos to whet travellers’ appetites as part of this year’s edition of Halal Restaurant Week Korea.

Into its fifth year, Halal Restaurant Week Korea was designed to shine a spotlight on halal restaurants in South Korea, and includes special offers, including discount coupons, to attract Muslim visitors to South Korea.

Halal Restaurant Week Korea 2020 will feature halal-themed videos to attract Muslim tourists to visit South Korea once international travel resumes; tourists posing in front of a halal-friendly restaurant in South Korea pictured

Bringing its promotion efforts online this year, the tourism board will broadcast Halal TV over a period of about two months from next Monday on its YouTube channel to promote Korean halal food and Muslim-friendly restaurants in South Korea to potential Muslim tourists.

The first video will be titled Halal K-Food Cooking Studio, and will showcase halal Korean food recipes. Hosted by chef Choi Gwang-ho (winner of MasterChef Korea Season 3), it will feature easy recipes of popular Korean dishes such as bibimbap, tteokbokki and ramyeon (Korean-style ramen), using ingredients easily found outside South Korea.

In the second video called Halal Restaurant Tasty Party, Muslim expats in South Korea will review well-known halal-friendly restaurants across Seoul. The panels will introduce some of the restaurants participating in the Halal Restaurant Week Korea event and promote a variety of halal foods, ranging from traditional ones such as shakshouka (poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce) and kebab to fusion dishes such as halal bulgogi.

A total of 10 videos will be uploaded between September 14 and November 16 on KTO’s YouTube channel, with fresh releases every Monday. In conjunction with the event, viewers will stand a chance to win gift cards when they post photos or videos of themselves making the dishes introduced on Halal TV’s first video on their social media accounts and leave the link in the comment section, or write comments about the video.

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