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KTO cooks up halal-themed videos to woo Muslim tourists

With international travel still largely off the table, Korea Tourism Organization remains hungry to stay connected with Muslim tourists and is serving up a...

A great place to stay

Serviced residence operators in Asia-Pacific that have readied their hardware and heartware for Muslim travellers are having their efforts paid off, winning over families, young couples and even business travellers.

The way to a Muslim traveller’s heart

Quality dining is a critical ingredient for an enjoyable trip, but not all destinations keen on attracting Muslim travellers have been able to score well in this aspect. TTG Asia reporters find out what four non-OIC destinations in the region are cooking up to win over a Muslim traveller’s heart and belly.

Young and curious

The female Muslim traveller profile is changing, presenting rich opportunities for destinations and tourism suppliers who know how to read the signs and take the right steps to be more welcoming.

Pushing for change

Fazal Bahardeen, the founder & CEO of pioneering halal travel consultancy CrescentRating, is on a mission to raise awareness around halal tourism among industry stakeholders. He tells Karen Yue that the world is a more welcoming place today for Muslim travellers but several travel pain points still remain.

Singapore Tourism Board sharpens focus to tap halal travel boom

Singapore is stepping up its game for Muslim travellers with a mega campaign set to launch as early as next month. Sharing the news in...

Malaysia establishes official recognition for halal-friendly hotels

Malaysia's Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) has launched the Muslim Friendly Accommodation Recognition, a form of accreditation for Shariah-compliant accommodation targeting Muslim tourists in the...

Asian destinations win big amid Muslim travel boom

Asia is set grow its market share of global Muslim travel spend to 22% or US$34 billion by the end of the decade, with...

Beyond halal food and amenities, new mindset needed to court Muslims

Travel suppliers looking to cater to Muslim travellers need to look beyond the basic requirements of halal food and environment, said speakers at the...

No longer niche, halal tourism could be a US$157 billion industry...

The halal travel segment is proving to be an industry-shaping force, with Muslim travellers projected to spend US$157 billion by 2020, among the findings...

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