Diethelm Travel’s e-market platform connects artisans with buyers

Diethelm Travel Group has launched an online marketplace showcasing handcrafted products sourced from its staff and partner communities.

The curated marketplace,, seeks to connect Asian artisans and makers with a worldwide audience, during a time when many Asian borders remain closed to foreign tourists.

Diethelm Travel launches online marketplace to support people whose livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic

Available for international orders, the marketplace currently features a variety of high-quality, handcrafted goods, sourced by Diethelm Travel Thailand. The company plans to expand its product line by sourcing from all 13 Asian countries it operates in, with profits from each sale going directly to the makers.

One such community providing goods is a village in Thailand’s Sukhothai province that usually benefits from Diethelm Travel guests participating in community-based tourism programmes. The village is also known for its unique way of using natural mud to dye cotton fabric to create distinctive hues and a soft feel. With the evaporation of tourism-generated income, the community is turning to selling its fabric goods for financial security.

Stephan Roemer, CEO of Diethelm Travel Group, said: “As the Asian travel industry continues to be at a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic and strict government restrictions, we’re still committed to connecting people across borders and supporting both our team and the communities we work in. By making a purchase through Diethelm Marketplace, you’re not only receiving a unique handmade good – or “souvenir” – but helping support people whose livelihoods have been greatly affected by the current global situation.”

Select accommodation deals available for people already in Thailand are also listed on the marketplace website for easy online local bookings.

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