PATA, FeedsFloor work to digitally connect travel trade

PATA has signed a partnership with FeedsFloor that will provide a digital platform for its members and industry players to continue connecting with each other and conducting business during the global health crisis.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the travel and tourism industry to adapt, adjust and innovate in the so-called ‘new normal’. As a membership association, our primary activity is to assist our members in expanding their networks, establish new relationships and consolidate existing business partnerships,” said PATA CEO Mario Hardy.

PATA partners FeedsFloor to enable travel trade to continue connecting with each other amid the pandemic

“While physical events will always remain an important activity for the Association, the partnership with FeedsFloor will assist us in providing a virtual platform for our members and industry colleagues to learn, network, and trade as we deal with the current situation.”

He added that the association is collaborating with FeedsFloor to plan “an exciting new event with the aim to unify the travel trade community through the infinite possibilities of the digital experience”.

FeedsFloor CCO Mohamed El-Masri said the partnership will allow the company “to assist as a digital enabler in bringing the travel community closer together, empowering its members to reach beyond borders and connect to potential partners and clients digitally”.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, FeedsFloor is a technology firm that has developed a digital showroom platform and provides white label partnership solutions for exhibitions, trade organisations and business communities across industries all over the world.

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