Cambodian quartet joins forces to feed needy

A trio of hotels in Siem Reap have teamed up with a private museum on a meal scheme to provide more than 400 meals a day to individuals most affected by Cambodia’s lockdown due to the coronavirus.

Since April 20, Treeline Urban Resort, Mulberry Boutique Hotel, Jaya House Hotels and The Cambodia Landmine Museum have been doing the rounds on a daily basis, with the help of over 75 volunteers.

Mulberry Boutique Hotel among hotels in Siem Reap feeding the needy during the pandemic

The quartet started this initiative as unlike other countries, there are no social safety nets nor social support services in Cambodia to alleviate the effects of the virus crisis on the poor and vulnerable.

Under the food programme, all meals are nutritious, locally sourced and served in biodegradable packaging. They are also cooked locally, thus, generating income for local villagers and restaurants.

The quartet now hopes to raise over US$30,000 to keep this initiative going on for longer, and is calling on the public to join in their efforts to help feed the needy within the community during this crisis.

This initiative is entirely based on donations, and 100 per cent of the funds raised will go towards meal preparation and distribution. More information can be found on

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