Singapore flag shone on Switerzerland’s Matterhorn as symbol of hope

The Singapore flag was illuminated on the slopes of Switzerland’s famed Matterhorn mountain on Friday (April 24), in a show of solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since March 24, artist Gerry Hofstetter has lit up the majestic Swiss Alps every night with projections of different images, including the flags of various nations such as Japan, Thailand and South Korea, as a sign of hope and solidarity amid the pandemic.

Images of the projection of the Singapore flag were uploaded on Switzerland Tourism’s Facebook page, with the accompanying caption: “In the city-state Singapore, different ethnic groups live together peacefully.

“The country is well organised and clean: similar characteristics are attributed to Switzerland. We show solidarity with the people of Singapore and send a sign of hope.”

The Matterhorn was illuminated daily until April 26, 2020.

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