Sabre outlines plans for global growth

Sabre Corporation has set aside US$150 million this year to support five strategic initiatives designed to enhance its technology and product offerings so as to increase its addressable market, grow its revenue and market share, as well as create long-term shareholder value.

Sabre to invest US$150 million into its strategic initiatives

Specifically, each priority seeks to:

• Create personalised offers by accelerating new IT capabilities, processes and intelligence that allow suppliers to retail personalised offers through all channels, unlocking more value per passenger boarded

• Accelerate the future of distribution & NDC by increasing the value of supplier offers and the value of the GDS by integrating NDC content, enabling airlines to distribute personalised offers through the company’s marketplace and their direct channels

• Unlock growth potential in the LCC market through harnessing the growth and innovation of the fast-growing LCC market by creating more ways for LCCs to retail and distribute content, and scaling the offerings of Radixx, the company’s recently acquired LCC provider

• Deliver a full-service property management system to better serve enterprise hotels. By collaborating with Accor, Sabre plans to build a full-service property management system that will combine with its central reservation system and limited service property management system within a fully unified, cloud-native platform designed for hoteliers of all property classes, sizes and geographic regions

Last but not least, Sabre aims to transform its technology through a 10-year strategic partnership with Google that is designed to improve Sabre’s technology capability by migrating the company’s IT infrastructure to Google Cloud’s highly available and secure services; as well as utilise Google’s data analytics tools to enable Sabre to enhance the capabilities of current and future products by providing insights to help improve operational efficiency and create and optimise travel options, with the goal of improving both loyalty and revenues for its customers.

Through the partnership, Sabre also aims to design a broader innovation framework with Google that seeks to leverage the talent and assets of both companies to imagine, develop and deploy future capabilities that will advance the travel ecosystem, benefiting all market participants.

Sean Menke, Sabre president and CEO, said: “Over the last year, we continued to see shifts in the travel ecosystem resulting in the changing needs of our airline, hotel and agency customers. We are thinking critically about how the retailing, distribution and fulfillment of travel will continue to evolve over the next decade and how each of these elements will become even more interconnected and interdependent.”

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