PATA chief will serve his final 11 months with the association

Mario Hardy

In a letter yesterday to travel trade colleagues, Mario Hardy, CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has expressed his intentions to not extend his term and to serve the association until the end of December 2020.

Hardy, who was appointed to the position at PATA almost six years ago, said he has achieved what he had set out to do for the association.

Hardy has announced his resignation as PATA chief

“I was appointed…almost 6 years ago with the goal of reshaping this now 69-year-old organisation, which at the time was struggling to stay relevant. PATA is now financially sustainable, steadily growing its reach, and thriving with new initiatives to support the sustainable development of the tourism industry,” he said in the letter.

His decision was conveyed to the PATA Executive Board on Monday morning.

“I am proud of all the achievements the organisation has accomplished and the amazing support I have received from the staff at the secretariat, our chair Chris Bottrill, our members and industry partners,” he added.

“One my strengths is merging/cross-pollinating key factors of success in one industry with those in another to drive innovation. I have come to be known for my ability to successfully reshape organisations and businesses in distress and look forward to my next venture either in tourism, in another sector, or to simply enjoy my life for a while. Wherever I land you can be assured that I will continue to monitor the activities of the organisation, after all my own private company is still a fully paid PATA member.”

Hardy will continue to work closely with the PATA chair and the Executive Board during the transition period.

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