will be ASEAN Tourism’s new address, launched at the opening ceremony of ATF 2020 on Tuesday evening, will soon replace the current ASEANTourism.Travel website as the vehicle for raising awareness of South-east Asian tourism and the diversity of the region’s products.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday afternoon, Suvimol Thanasarakij, ASEAN Tourism marketing coordinator, explained that the new sports a modern look and is more user-friendly than the current site.

ASEAN Tourism, which aims to promote tourism in South-east Asia, will soon have a new website

The website serves as an information platform, capturing various travel experiences and products across categories such as Adventure & Sports, Beaches & Islands, Cruise, Nightlife and Entertainment.

It also provides useful traveller tips for each of the 10 ASEAN member countries, such as habits and traditions, safety advice, and visa requirements and recommended vaccinations.

While it does not sell tour packages now, Suvimol did not discount the idea that this might be offered in future updates of the website.

She said the website was needed, as “a brand audit study revealed that ASEAN is seen more as a political entity rather than a region that is welcoming to travellers”.

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