TTG backs SE Asia promotion with new website, booking engine

Looking to support ASEAN Tourism Marketing Working Group’s desire to establish a better understanding of South-east Asia’s tourism potential in the global marketplace, TTG Asia Media has launched Southeast-Asia.COM, an editorial-driven and visually-rich website that provides extensive information on travel products and experiences around the 10 ASEAN member countries.

Content is built around five popular travel themes, Adventure, Culture, Eat, Family, Shop, with more than 5,800 travel products available for purchase via TTG’s booking engine.

TTG Asia Media has launched Southeast-Asia.COM, a website about travel products and experiences around the 10 ASEAN member countries

Looking to do more than offer products for travel retailers and travellers to purchase, TTG Asia Media has developed a white label solution that travel agents can adopt with their own corporate identity. Since October 2019, some 10 travel agents have expressed interest in adopting the solution.

“While both Southeast-Asia.COM and have gone live since October 2019, and some bookings have come through, our focus so far has been on crafting unique and value-for-money tour packages and products with our partners,” said Darren Ng, managing director of TTG Asia Media.

Debuting in 1H2020 are a series of paid experiential trails in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Manila (the Philippines) that utilise Augmented Reality and audio recordings to provide a deeper understanding of the sights travellers will see. Downloadable through Southeast-Asia.COM, every trail also grants attractive vouchers and discounts at participating dining and retail merchants along the way.

Another product to come is the Experience Pass which offers special bundled prices for attraction entrance tickets. Every destination in South-east Asia will have its own Experience Pass. Travellers will be issued a unique barcode for ease of use.

Ng said Southeast-Asia.COM is endorsed by ASEAN Tourism Marketing Working Group of the 10 ASEAN NTOs.

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