Amadeus offers artificial intelligence APIs to travel industry

Amadeus is launching a new set of artificial intelligence (AI) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as part of the Amadeus for Developers programme, which the global travel technology firm claims will help in “empowering startups and independent developers to gain an edge”.

These APIs will allow developers to build solutions that can predict travel intent, traveller behaviour, and flight delays, among others – without needing any prior background in AI or data.

Amadeus offers artificial intelligence Application Programming Interfaces to travel industry

Amadeus claimed that it is the first time in the travel industry that AI capabilities are made available to startups and independent developers via open APIs. The firm is providing ready-to-implement predictive models based on insights and functionalities fed by its sources of travel data.

These APIs enable travel innovators to create AI-based apps with brand new features and disruptive business models that can transform the travel experience, said the company. The insights are offered under Amadeus’ Self-Service API catalog for partners, and any developer can start testing the APIs in less than three minutes.

Fran Romero, head of open innovation programs at Amadeus, said: “AI-based technology is going to transform the way we receive offers, how we customise trips, our airport experience, and much more. Yet while travel brands are seeing vast operational improvements, more personalised experiences and increased customer engagement with AI, for startups and smaller innovators in the travel space, it’s harder to access historical data to train their models. With Amadeus Artificial Intelligence APIs, we’re changing that. We’re democratising AI in travel.”

AI systems are set to provide a US$14 trillion boost to the global economy by 2035, according to predictions by consulting giant Accenture. In the travel industry, this technology has the potential to produce US$400 billion of value, more than double the value achievable through traditional analytical methods, said Amadeus.

In today’s fourth industrial revolution economy, AI is becoming indispensable for travel players to better understand and inspire travellers, create tailored experiences and compete for more savvy, demanding customers as they move between devices and channels, it added.

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