Hotelbeds rolls out B2B destination marketing services

Hotelbeds has launched a B2B service for destination marketing organisations (DMOs) globally, which the company claims will help “to drive incremental tourism arrivals”.

Leveraging the company’s technology, booking platform, and relationships with hoteliers and B2B travel buyers globally, Hotelbeds has to date already worked with over 50 tourism boards from around the world, said the company in a statement.

Hotelbeds launches B2B service for destination marketing organisations

The result has been to increase room nights for target destinations by up to 30 per cent on average – plus improving revenue performance – by attracting additional low- and shoulder-season visitors from international and domestic source markets globally.

Partner destinations receive access to the over 60,000 B2B travel trade buyers – such as retail travel agents, tour operators, airlines, and points redemption clients – who together make over 1.5 billion accommodation searches per day and reserve more than 50 million net room nights annually via Hotelbeds.

With the international reach of Hotelbeds, which is present in over 140 source markets globally, destination partners also benefit from receiving more international and longhaul arrivals. Bookings from international and longhaul source markets in turn deliver high-value customers who spend more in destination, stay longer, cancel less, return more often and book farther out than typical direct to consumer customer profiles, which tend to be highly domestic.

Gareth Matthews, director of marketing & communications at Hotelbeds, stated: “Our whole purpose as a travel distributor is to drive incremental high-value bookings for hotels from non-competing, hard to reach B2B travel trade sources such as retail travel agents and tour operators. So we thought, ‘Why not also do the same for destinations?’

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