RateHawk casts confident eye on Asia

Along with its recent rebranding, B2B online booking engine RateHawk is now poised to enter the Asian market.

The company now has a core group of people in the region, and aims to expand its headcount to 30 in 1Q2024 and 60 by the end of the year. The company will launch as a legal entity in Singapore, with a target to begin operation by the end of this year.

Shpilman: establish local operations with local support, local commercial teams, local bank accounts

RateHawk is available in 21 languages, including Chinese. As it grows in this region, it will add Thai and Korean in 1Q2024, Vietnamese in 2Q2024, and Japanese by the end of 2024.

Felix Shpilman, RateHawk’s CEO and president, said the company would establish local operations, with “local support, local commercial teams, local bank accounts” among other things. He also plans to contract locally, as RateHawk has been in other regions like Dubai in the Middle East, Europe and CIS nations.

Shpilman is bullish about competition, and remains confident that his company stands out in terms of supply quality, web and mobile user experience convenience, support quality, and level of automation and machine learning.

“Nobody has anything like us, and I believe we’re unmatched globally. Expedia, Bedsonline, TPL Holidays, etc are all formidable competitors, but combining all of those things? Nobody does that at the global scale like we do,” he remarked.

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