Personalisation, sustainability demands on the rise for APAC travellers: Sabre

today released the results of an APAC-wide study that compiles insight from over 500 travel professionals. Looking towards 2020, here are 5 key trends revealed by leisure travel consultants from over 24 countries across the world’s fastest growing region, Asia Pacific.

A rising tide of group travel for retirees, eco-conscious movement and thirst for customisation are some of the key traveller trends that Sabre has identified in its Asia-Pacific survey for 2020.

Here are the five key trends as revealed by the survey, which polled over 500 leisure travel consultants from over 24 countries across Asia-Pacific:

Leisure travel consultants from over 24 countries reveal the five key trends across Asia-Pacific

Forever young
Travel professionals reveal that travellers aged between 35 to 50 make up close to 60 per cent of their customer base, proving that despite the rise of online platforms meant to facilitate personal bookings, there’s nothing like having a professional to help enhance the booking experience. What’s more, three in five respondents indicate that personalised requests are the main reason why customers reach out, allowing them to create unique packages that cater to each traveller’s needs.

Silver is golden
In Asia’s rapidly aging economies, more than 40 per cent of consumers served by travel agents are over the age of 50, and over one third of those surveyed identified that retirees are among their most popular customers, just after families and couples.

In fact, four in 10 agents confirm that travel for groups of retired people is on the rise, with packaged tours listed as the main reason why people over 50 reach out to travel agents. Some 46 per cent of those included folks in the 50 to 69 branch; and close to 60 per cent of the 70 and over age group request packaged tours that include flights, hotel and transportation bookings, with wellness or religious activities often being the main reason for their bookings.

Green giant
Sabre’s traveller trend survey found that over 60 per cent of travel consultants identified a growing concern for the environment among travellers. The survey also reveals that an impressive 70 per cent of travellers are asking for sustainable tourism options, and close to 30 per cent are requesting for alternate modes of transportation. However, the survey also reveals that only two per cent of leisure travellers across Asia-Pacific ask to purchase carbon credits.

The gender gap
With solo travel growing year on year, the Sabre traveller trends survey discloses that in Asia, men account for 10 per cent more of the solo travel bookings than women. When it comes to bookings, women tend to prefer travelling in groups. However, when it’s time for a couples’ getaway, the survey reveals that both parties do their part, with nearly 40 per cent of both men and women reaching out to their travel consultant to assist with the booking.

Me, myself and I
As consumers across the board expect customisation to be part of their retail experience, a significant 60 per cent of respondents indicate that personalisation is the main reason why they are called upon to book travel. Travel consultants are sought to fulfil the growing demands of those aged 34 and below to book their next sport and adventure travel, which account for approximately 50 per cent of group bookings, or simply to identify better prices for their customers.

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