VLeisure rolls out credit service to offer agents greater financial control

VLeisure, a B2B global travel network platform, has launched a new credit service that claims to empower travel agents by allowing them to have greater financial control and drive more sales for their business.

Using VLeisure credit, agencies will be able to buy products from VLeisure’s portfolio of hotels, airline tickets and travel insurance through the company’s latest payment system. Credit members will have access to a virtual card which provides immediate credit to buy products and services from the VLeisure global marketplace.

VLeisure’s CEO Phan Le (above) said that the company’s new credit service offers agents greater control

Funds are managed seamlessly using e-wallet, with a choice of flexible repayment options. The VLeisure credit service will free up agency capital, enabling them to finance other parts of the business, such as marketing and sales.

VLeisure’s CEO Phan Le said: “The travel ecosystem traditionally operates on a book now, pay now basis. This is a fixed system which does not offer any flexibility for agents. Smaller agents often have to shift funds around to finance client orders, which means that other parts of the business, such as sales and marketing, are often underfunded. By providing credit at times when they need it most, VLeisure is providing agencies with greater control – fulfilling clients’ orders while at the same time focusing on business growth.”

VLeisure credit includes a loyalty programme where members can accumulate points for special deals and new destinations.

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