SG developer acquires IT group to expand hospitality solutions

Top Global, a lifestyle developer in the region, is expanding its smart solutions business and developing next generation products and services for the hospitality, healthcare and security industries.

The company announced that it will expand its R&D capabilities with the acquisition of an aggregate 75 per cent stake in I Industries (IIPL) for an aggregate consideration of S$1.9 million (US$1.4 million).

Top Global acquires IIPL to develop smart solution products using technology

IIPL, which is a Singapore-owned IT consultancy co-founded by Victor Tan and David Kho, designs and develops machinery and equipment for sale, specialising in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), miniaturisation and Internet of things (IOT).

As Top Global is focused on expanding its smart solutions business, the acquisition will enable the company to exploit natural synergies, improve technological capabilities and provide immediate access to new customers.

Top Global envisages that IIPL, along with its other subsidiary, Ultron Techniques, will be able to co-develop next generation smart solution products and services for the hospitality, healthcare, security and agriculture industries.

In the hospitality industry, for example, there are opportunities for the use of AI and robotics in housekeeping and backroom operations traditionally performed by human beings, so as to increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Hano Maeloa, Top Global CEO and executive director, said: “We are looking at industries with a tight labour market and a high cost of business, where there are opportunities for one-stop smart solutions using technologies like AI, IOT and robotics, for example, to address their challenges in a practical and affordable manner.”

Tan and Kho co-developed the fully autonomous traffic enforcement robot that is currently undergoing trials at Jewel Changi Airport. The robot detects cars waiting in unauthorised areas and flashes a “No Parking” sign that encourages the cars to move off, thereby smoothening traffic flow. This particular robot helps to take some of the traffic management load off security personnel, allowing them to be deployed on other duties.

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