Ovolo Hotels unleashes ‘pawesome’ deal for pet owners

Ovolo Hotels has launched a paw-fect initiative, V.I.Pooch, which sees the offering of dog-friendly rooms in all its properties across Hong Kong and Australia.


The paw-fect scheme will cost pet owners an additional HK$800 (US$102) + 10% (Hong Kong hotels) or A$80 (US$55; Australian hotels) per night, and up to two furry friends are permitted per room.

Each pet-friendly room will be decked out with a dog bed, a no-mess eating and drinking mat, separate food and water bowls. Guests of Ovolo will enjoy a Loot Bag full of snacks, while V.I.Pooch’s are gifted a Doggy Bag containing toys, healthy snacks and poop bags.

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