Amadeus hails complete view of traveller through application on Salesforce

Amadeus will have a new app on Salesforce AppExchange

Amadeus has announced a travel application on the cloud marketplace Salesforce AppExchange, allowing airlines to connect with their customers, partners and employees in new ways.

The application will integrate and extend the capabilities of both Salesforce and Amadeus platforms, enabling airlines to maximise their combined value by sharing insights and data in order to have a more complete view of the traveller.

Amadeus will have a new app on Salesforce AppExchange

With a clear view of cross-channel customer interactions, airlines will be able to personalise the traveller experience from end to end.

Additionally, by having better customer insights, with deeper collaboration and automation capabilities, the applications will empower airline agents to focus optimising service to their customers.

For example, the AppExchange application enables airlines to provide personalised recovery from delays and cancellations.

It can also empower the agent to evaluate the passengers’ situations, allowing fast rebooking and a differentiated service.

Sebastian Cavanagh, head of airlines business strategy, Amadeus, said: “Until now, airlines have had to carry out bespoke integrations between our solutions. With this integration airlines can now extract the value of Amadeus’ IT solutions and the Salesforce Platform, bringing new opportunities, cost savings and improved customer service.”

Taimur Khan, general manager, vice president travel, transportation, and hospitality, Salesforce, added: “The future of travel loyalty is based on the customer experience and ability to anticipate needs while providing quality interactions. We are excited to see Amadeus innovate with Salesforce by enabling airline employees – from gate and contact center agents to flight attendants – to serve airline customers with relevance, context and consistency across channels.”

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