Roiback incorporates online check-in for hotel clients

Guests can check in and put in their room choice online

Roiback, a Spain-headquartered tech company that manages the direct channel of hotel sales, has launched an online check-in for hotel guests.

Guests will be able to use the new online check-in functionality by scanning their verification documents and providing a digital signature. The data is then autocompleted and integrated directly to the hotel management operative system (PMS). This way, reception staff will also not have to fill out the paperwork manually.

Guests can check in and put in their room choice online

Another function of the new system also allows the hotel to pre-assign a room during the process of check-in and the guest is also able to choose the desired type of room that the hotel has. The customer then receives a push notification when the room is available.

There is also the option to gather a customer’s data and integrate them to loyalty programmes. The Roiback programme can also create a Wi-Fi access key integrated directly with the online check-in, as well as the integration with Salto system that allows a mobile phone to act as a key and open doors.

Once the booking process is finished, the customer receives the room’s electronic key or an access code that can be used during all the stay. To complete the service and speed up the process, Roiback has also included the possibility of paying through the online check-in, where a customer will be able to pay the total cost, and any tourist tax, before arrival.

This functionality is currently integrated with over 30 types of PMS and available for all hotels who work with Roiback.

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