SpiceRoads rolls out women-only and solo adventures

Bangkok-based SpiceRoads Cycling has launched women-only trips as well as solo departures open to both genders.

These departures respond to the needs of an increasing number of travellers who choose cycling adventures not only to explore a new destination, but also for the social experience.

SpiceRoads is promoting cycling tours with like-minded travellers

The company’s women-only departures feature some of SpiceRoads’ most popular tours, led by an expert female cycling guide. These departures will be open to female riders booking individually or as a group.

“We are very excited to launch the new Women Only departures”, said SpiceRoads product manager Sally Phipps. “These are all about great riding, authentic cultural immersion and a memorable, shared challenge with other strong women, whether they be your mother, daughter, sister, best friend or partner.”

Alongside Women Only trips, SpiceRoads has developed new Solo Only departures designed for cyclists who want to explore exotic destinations while getting to know other like-minded riders on their trip.

“As one of the few specialist cycle touring operators in the world, we know the potential of our trips to bring together individuals who all share the same passion for exploring the world by bicycle. SpiceRoads riders value the ability to connect with others on our tours, and we want to provide an inclusive environment that doesn’t just make it possible, but encourages it,” said SpiceRoads managing director Daniel Moylan, speaking on the new Solo Only departures.

“Nowadays, solo travel is no longer an ambitious undertaking, but a part of travelling culture for many. These departures speak to that trend, and our belief that cycling solo doesn’t necessarily mean being alone.”

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