Immfly spreads wings to Asia

Asian airline customers on the Immfly radar

Following collaborations with airlines including Europe’s easyJet, Iberia Express, Pegasus and Sun Express in Turkey, Immfly is now expanding its operations into Asia.

The digital connected services and in-flight entertainment (IFE) company, which has a reach of over 65 million customers with its current airline customers, has begun recruiting in Asia, already contracting personnel established in Hong Kong.

Asian airline customers on the Immfly radar

In a statement, the company stressed that local presence will enable Immfly to better serve aviation customers in the region. It currently covers more than 50 destinations on the Asian continent.

In Asia, Immfly has also closely collaborated with the Japanese global Internet and e-commerce giant Rakuten. In a trial with easyJet, Immfly together with Rakuten as official entertainment sponsor, launched an in-flight entertainment platform which replicated the way the airline’s customers consumed their media at home.

The collaboration resulted in “a 22 percentage point improvement in customer satisfaction for customers using the platform versus easyJet’s network average” as confirmed by easyJet.

Jimmy Martinez, co-founder of Immfly, commented: “Immfly can actively support Asian aviation customers as they look to benefit from a competitive edge with innovative operational solutions and profitable IFE strategies. Immfly continues to lead by demonstrating unrivalled bottom line results with its state-of-the-art inflight digital services and IFE platforms. Establishing a local presence in Asia is part of our strategy as we expand and develop our relationships in key markets.”

Immfly says its digital services platform enables airlines to maximise revenues and efficiencies while also enabling customers to enjoy an IFE system. Its connected digital services focus on facilitating operational processes to reduce airline costs with digital services that simplify and accelerate tasks.

At the same time, the company has delivered platforms with tool kits which optimise ancillary revenue opportunities. Immfly’s IFE enables passengers to use their own smart personal devices instead of costlier seat back systems, to enjoy premium curated content and services. The technology is available for all aircraft, irrespective of the airline’s investment in on-board Internet connectivity.

Dynamic content management is paired with tools to benefit airlines with enhanced passenger experience, smarter operations and new revenue streams.

Passengers can choose from a selection of movies, TV shows, press & magazines, music, kids’ content, interactive maps, digital retail catalogues, and more.

In addition to the major European languages, Immfly already streams content in languages such as Turkish and Chinese, catering to its broadening base of customers and destinations.

With Immfly, airline passengers can also access a range of services and information during their flight including a 3D moving map, digitised retail catalogues, travel guides and offers for destinations activities.

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