TTG Asia’s Boracay feature wins at MPAS Awards 2018

Feature of the Year (Trade) - Silver award goes to Rosa Ocampo's 'When Beautiful Turns Ugly'

TTG Asia’s When beautiful turns ugly feature, won Feature of the Year (Trade) – Silver award at the recent Asia Pacific Publishing Awards (APPA) and MPAS Awards 2018 in Singapore.

Written by Philippines correspondent Rosa Ocampo, the article examines the fallouts of unbridled development – and lack of regulation – on Boracay and other once-pristine spots in the Philippines, and questions whether lessons be learnt from Boracay’s six-month closure.

Feature of the Year (Trade) – Silver award goes to Rosa Ocampo’s ‘When Beautiful Turns Ugly’

The winning article, which was published in TTG Asia April 2018, can be viewed here.

In 2017, an analysis on Cambodia’s tourist sites of death and suffering – Dark side of dark tourism – won TTG Asia the Feature of the Year Bronze award from MPAS, while TTGassociations magazine picked up the Travel Trade Media of the Year award.

MPAS & APPA 2018 is organised by the Media Publishers Association of Singapore.

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