Genting Cruise Lines amps up focus on Indonesia with second MoU

Genting Cruise Lines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT . Pelabuhan Indonesia III (PERSERO) to signify joint efforts in exploring possible development of port facilities operated by the latter, which was represented by Mr Raymond Lim, Senior Vice President of Planning & Port Management, Genting Cruise Lines (left) and Mr Joko Noerhudha, covering Director of Operational & Commercial, PT . Pelabuhan Indonesia III (PERSERO) (right).

Genting Cruise Lines has signed a new MoU with Indonesia’s state-owned terminal operator, Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero), as part of its ongoing commitment towards developing the country’s cruise tourism industry.

The recent MoU signing marks the second collaboration between both parties, following an initial agreement in April 2017 and the upcoming deployment of Dream Cruises’ Genting Dream in north Bali later in the year.

Genting Cruise Lines’ Raymond Lim (left) and Pelabuhan Indonesia III’s Joko Noerhudha signing the MoU that signifies joint efforts in developing port facilities

The latest MoU agreement highlights the continued joint-initiative in developing the facilities at Celukan Bawang in north Bali, allowing ships of up to 350m to berth directly. In addition, both parties will also explore possible joint developments of additional cruise ports operated by Persero, extending the collaboration beyond North Bali and further across Indonesia.

“At Genting Cruise Lines, we remain highly committed to the development of Indonesia as a key cruise hub for the region, as well as an important source market and destination for the tourism industry. We recognise the need for updated cruise infrastructure in the area and have actively taken the lead in pioneering improvements to port facilities in order to ensure the future growth of the cruise business,” said Kent Zhu, president of Genting Cruise Lines.

“We will continue to work closely with our Indonesian counterparts in creating new opportunities for the local cruise tourism to flourish as evidenced by the successful deployments of our ships to Jakarta, Medan, North Bali and Bintan Island recently, complemented by a series of ongoing collaborations to develop additional ports across Indonesia.”

The signing of the MoU was witnessed by ministers from both Indonesia and Singapore, along with Genting Cruise Lines representatives during the leaders retreat between Indonesia and Singapore held in Bali.

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