Virtuoso Travel Week heads to China next year for Asia debut

Agencies attending Virtuoso Travel Week gather for a shot

As more Chinese travel agencies join its network, Virtuoso will next year debut the Virtuoso Travel Week On Tour Asia in China, where the event will take place in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The global luxury travel network recently held the Virtuoso Travel Week 2018 in Las Vegas from August 12-16. The 30th edition of the annual travel week event saw the attendance of more than 6,000 travel representatives, including agents from 10 China-based luxury travel companies.

Agencies attending Virtuoso Travel Week gather for a shot

Commenting on upcoming China-focused initiatives, Virtuoso’s regional director, Asia, Evan Pierce said: “The engagement of our new members has been fantastic. We were delighted to have had all of our founding members make the trip to Las Vegas, with Virtuoso Supplier Partners equally enthused about connecting in person with the best luxury agencies in China.”

“Virtuoso Travel Week on Tour Asia will further enhance our engagement in the region, giving local front-line advisors a taste of the magic that happens in Vegas.”

Like a number of China-based travel agencies, a recent Chinese addition to the Virtuoso network, Zanadu, attended the recent Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas for the first time.

Zanadu chief product officer, Rick Xie, said: “Five years ago the luxury market in China did not exist, so while we are evolving quickly, we are still at the beginning of developing these networks and connections.”

Given how fresh the market’s luxury segment is, learning has become a focus area for agencies like Zanadu, and one of the reasons it joined the Virtuoso network.

An event like Virtuoso Travel Week has been “very relevant” and educational when it comes to information about Virtuoso services as well as products in the market.

“It’s not only the network meetings, it’s the professional development and engagement with Virtuoso staff who we can now work with to understand the services and tools Virtuoso offers to its network,” Xie said.

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