China Eastern gets Sabre tech on board next-gen operation centre

About 40,000 China Eastern and 10,000 Xiamen Airlines passengers reportedly affected

China Eastern Airlines has beefed up its next-generation Airline Operation Centre by signing on Sabre Corporation’s AirCentre suite at the Sabre Technology Exchange in Singapore yesterday.

AirCentre will be implemented in China Eastern’s new Airline Operation Centre, which is being developed to organise and manage flights, ensure constant flight monitoring operations and help control safety risks.

Airline Operation Centre developed to help organise and manage flights, ensure constant flight monitoring operations and control safety risks

On this control system, the AirCentre solutions will ensure schedule continuity – from planning to day-of operations – minimising the impact of disruptions to both operations and travellers.

Additionally, China Eastern has activated a dedicated team – comprising employees from ground operations to flight crew – who will implement Sabre’s solution in their operations, revealed Jiang Jiang, senior vice president, China Eastern.

He added: “According to IATA, the key (areas of) growth of the airline industry will shift to the East and its developing markets. This is encouraging airlines to improve their products.”

The two companies have been working together since 2003, with the airline group having adopted four Sabre solutions from flight to load management, said Jiang.

Dave Shirk, president of Sabre Travel Solutions, shared: “With access to our innovative technology and Sabre’s commitment to the China market, the airline will be well-equipped to address the highly competitive environment and meet its corporate growth objectives.”

Sabre is currently working with more than 100 airlines worldwide, with about half employing “more robust” and latest solutions, said Shirk. In Asia-Pacific, some 25 airlines are upgrading their technology portfolios to employ new-generation solutions.

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