Singapore’s Dynasty Travel charters new Antarctica cruise as it goes’ experiential’

Antarctica growing in popularity, but Dynasty Travel says many are still have reservations about visiting since few 'reputable agencies' offer the destination

Turning to “experiential tourism” to meet new challenges in the travel business, Dynasty Travel is touting a more worry-free way for Singaporeans to cruise Antarctica with its charter of Ocean Atlantic, an ice-class vessel with a shallow draft operated by Albatros Expeditions.

The Singaporean agency, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, says the 15-day Antarctica Expedition Cruise to the Great White Continent in November 2019 will become one of its signature journeys.

Antarctica growing in popularity, but Dynasty Travel says many in Singapore still have reservations about visiting since few ‘reputable agencies’ offer the destination

In a statement, the agency says it is targeting “a new breed of travellers” with their “growing environmental awareness and penchant for off-the-beaten track experiences”. Travel agencies and tour companies are cashing in on the small but growing business segment as they adapt and evolve in a fast changing industry, Dynasty Travel observes.

The agency is betting on experiential tourism to cope with the challenges brought on by the digital revolution, which it says has “severely disrupted the industry not just in Singapore but around the world, where more and more people plan, manage and book their travels online on their own”.

With the new chartered cruise, Dynasty Travel says it is giving travellers in the Lion City a “reputable” and “safe” Antarctica cruise itinerary that goes beyond the traditional packaged tour.

The agency said in a statement: “We know that Antarctica is on many Singaporeans’ bucket list. However, most travellers are deterred because few reputable agencies like Dynasty Travel offer this destination. It is a not a journey that you can book confidently on the internet.”

The chartered cruise will be able to accommodate up to about 200 travellers onboard Ocean Atlantic, with a team of guides to take customers out on Zodiac boats to learn about topics ranging from marine biology to geology.

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