Star Cruises deepens Chinese market push as SuperStar Virgo homeports in North China

Star Cruises will relocate the SuperStar Virgo to North China, with the ship confirmed for homeport deployment in Dalian, Tianjin and Qingdao this year.

This will continue Star Cruises’ expansion in China to cover the country’s three main cruise markets – in the south, east and north – after SuperStar Virgo was homeported in Shanghai for the summer, SuperStar Gemini in Xiamen, Sanya and Haikou, and SuperStar Aquarius in Qingdao.

Superstar Virgo

“By deploying Star Cruises to the three key cruise markets in China, we are providing a variety of different cruise experiences from across China, building closer relationships with local travel agents, ports and business partners while boosting our market penetration rate and expanding further into the China market,” said Kent Zhu, President of Genting Cruise Lines.

SuperStar Virgo will sail from Dalian (staring September 9), Tianjin (staring September 30) and Qingdao (starting November 3).

On the four-night itineraries from Dalian, guests will visit Nagasaki, Kitakyushu and Fukuoka. There will be four- and five-night options for itineraries from Tianjin, which will visit Kagoshima, Beppu, Fukuoka and Nagasaki. And for sailings from Qingdao, SuperStar Virgo will call on Kagoshima, Fukuoka and Nagasaki.

“The deployment of SuperStar Virgo to North China during September to November will cover public holidays including the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Golden Week, (making the itineraries) suitable for family (travel). And autumn is the perfect time to visit Japan with its comfortable weather conditions and scenery,” said Ang Moo Lim, president of Star Cruises.

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