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The freedom and flexibility to discover and explore a destination at one’s own pace; the excitement and delights of driving through a kaleidoscope of landscapes… a classic road trip is one of the best ways to travel and to experience the sights and sounds; the people and places of a country.

To help you plan your customers’ next self-drive holiday with Avis, here are mini-guides to some of the most beautiful stretches of roads in Europe, on journeys through some of the region’s most scenic spots.

Austrian Romantic Route from Salzburg to Vienna, one of the most popular and best-known scenic routes in the country.
Or explore French châteaux, charme and cuisine through the sights and tastes of the picturesque Loire Valley in France.
The German Fairy Tale Route takes on a nostalgic journey with the Brothers Grimm, in search of the spirit of Sleeping Beauty, the Pied Piper and the Bremen Town Musicians!
Beyond the clichés of Milan as a fashion and design capital and home to AC Milan football club, a drive beyond the city in the Lombardy region in Italy opens up an immersion in history and tranquility.
With its own language and unique local customs, the region of Catalonia is more than just Barcelona and brings on an unbeatable Spanish allure for a drive holiday from fishing villages and secretive beaches to dramatic mountain peaks, gentle rolling hills and miles of stunning coastline.
And as one of the last areas of the United Kingdom where there are truly open roads, surrounded by soaring mountains and icy lochs, a drive into Scotland’s Highlands will uncover the country’s many treasures beyond the Aberdeen Angus beef and Scottish salmon!

These are but only a handful of great drives with Avis. To uncover more breath-taking sceneries and cultural wonders of Europe, set off here!


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