Travel like a boss: industry leaders’ favourite travel apps

In our new Travel Technology column in TTG Asia print, we ask two industry leaders which travel apps help to make their travel better. Read on to find out their recommendations

Hardy (left) and Wong make travel app recommendations
Hardy (left) and Wong make travel app recommendations

Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA:

“I travel an average of about 94 trips a year, and my travel calendar is planned a year in advance, sometimes even longer. Among the multitude of travel apps that I use, the one I’m most loyal to is TripIt as it allows me and my family to see from one screen all of my travel months in advance. I’ve granted access to my TripIt account to my personal assistant where she uploads all the bookings for each trip. This way I know in advance where I’ll be next, how I’ll get there and where I’ll be staying. I also connect my TripIt account to another app called App in the Air, which lets me know the average amount of trips and distance I cover in a single year.”

Clement Wong, CEO & founder, BeMyGuest:

Currency exchange is one of the biggest hassles for frequent travellers. Depending on your destination it can be difficult to find a trustworthy operator, and it can mean carrying around more cash in your wallet than you’re comfortable with. Resolut is great for saving dollars on bank fees while travelling, and shifting money from one account to the next is easy. It’s a multi-currency facility and tracking of your spending is very handy; it even works with cryptocurrencies. Should you lose your card while travelling you can freeze your account instantly, and you can unfreeze it again instantly when you find your card. Overall it’s a great way to avoid spending foreign exchange fees when on holidays and work trips.

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