UK visa facility on wheels rolls into Bangkok

The van is equipped with end-to-end technology to enroll biometrics and accept visa applications remotely from any location

VFS Global has unveiled the first-of-its-kind ‘Visa Application Centre on wheels’ for UK visa applicants in Bangkok.

The Mobile Visa Application Centre (MVAC) is equipped with end-to-end technology to enrol biometrics and accept visa applications remotely from any location for individual or group submissions.

The MVAC will be available at two locations in the city of Bangkok

VFS Global’s MVAC caters to applicants – including governments and authorities – who may face challenges accessing the nearest fixed Visa Application Centre and would therefore prefer the centre to come to them, it stated in a press release.

According to VFS Global, other benefits of the mobile facility includes the ability to schedule requirements on demand at short notice to service applicant-surges or emergencies at any location; and the capture and transfer of data through secure and certified systems.

Jiten Vyas, regional group COO, VFS Global, remarked: “With state-of-the-art technology for secure submission of biometric data, the MVAC is a cost-effective solution as it does not require a permanent physical infrastructure and acts as a reliable backup to a physical Visa Application Centre with its round-the-clock service capabilities.”

Nick Crouch, regional director for UK visas and immigration in South and South-east Asia, added: “By producing this innovative, technology-led solution VFS Global can now offer a more flexible and creative offer for customers, ensuring the 80,000-plus Thais who apply for a UK visa each year can now do so in a more modern and convenient way.”

To avail the service, applicants must choose Bangkok as the location and select ‘Mobile VAC- Crystal Design Center’ or ‘Mobile VAC- Thanya Park’ in the appointment category. Applicants can fill the online application form and book appointments at

The mobile visa facilities are stationed at Crystal Design Centre (CDC) (Monday 09.30-15.00); and Thanya Park (Tuesday 09.30-15.00).

There is a minimal fee of 3,800 baht (US$120) per application which must be paid online through credit card.

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