STB launches tourism resource portals for businesses

With helpful resources at their fingertips on the free-to-use Tourism Information & Services Hub, tourism businesses can build their competitive edge, while saving on cost, time and effort

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched two free-to-use online portals for tourism stakeholders to access and contribute information and data analytics.

The Tourism Information and Services Hub (TIH), which began beta tests in end-January, is an integrated B2B2C platform that aggregates up-to-date information about Singapore’s tourism offerings. These include ongoing promotions, walking trails and opening hours.

STB said that TIH is the first of its kind and acts as a one-stop tourism resource for businesses

These are also available to local and international stakeholders through application programming interfaces, which allow organisations to distill relevant information into their own apps or websites.

Local agencies’ reception to TIH “has been quite positive”, said Quek Choon Yang, STB’s chief technology officer, at yesterday’s STB Tourism Industry Conference.

“We have over 600 companies on the platform now, and we are now launching it publicly after three months of beta-testing. TIH is now open for business,” he added.

The second portal is the Singapore Tourism Analytics Network (Stan), which stores and analyses tourism-related data, from tourist movement patterns around hotels and attractions to web searches and website traffic.

For example, STB has learned that Chinese tourists venture around Singapore the most – moving approximately 10km from their hotels – compared to Australian visitors, who stay within one or two kilometres of their hotels, shared Quek.

Industry partners currently providing data to Stan are Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Expedia.

Stan has been rolled out within STB and will be released to industry players in gradual phases.

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