Love beckons at new harbour attraction in Malacca’s Riviera

Love is in the air on The Riviera in Malacca with the launch of Love Harbour Melaka, an integrated attraction taking in hotels, wedding planning services and retailers.

Positioned as the first love-themed harbour in Malaysia, the development offers wedding planning services and a “cross-century love theme” pavilion. It also houses business including boutique hotels, F&B establishments and various retailers including bridal shops and other specialty shops.

New harbour-side attraction beckons lovebirds to Malacca

Construction on the development began in 2015, a collaboration between Mythas Legacy, a Malaysian-based property management and tourist attraction development company, and First Avenue Partners (Asia).

Apart from local visitors, the developers expect the attraction to also attract lovebirds from overseas.

“The new harbour will be one of the major draw-cards to what is already an outstanding tourism destination,” said Mythas Legacy’s CEO, Hedki Heng.

He targets 1.6 million tourist visitors annually, and revenues of RM32 million (US$8.2 million) in the first year, RM48 million the next, and RM72 million in the third year.

While a statement from the developer touts a new “game-changer” that promises to “turn the tide for tourism”, Mythas Legacy is still on the lookout for more tenants.

“We are seeking more tenants and businesses from various fields such as F&B, bridal shops, wellness establishments, home decorations, etc. We target relevant tenants and businesses that can add more value to the growth of Love Harbour Melaka,” Heng said.

The two-hectare attraction has 100 tenant units, and a further RM15 million is planned to be invested to promote the area.

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