It’s going to be a bumpy ride for Philippines’ Tourism Congress


The Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP), which was created by law to be a private sector consultative body in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DoT), is in for a major overhaul under its new board led by incoming president Jojo Clemente.

The board, which will be inducted early next year, has sat down to brainstorm and come up with a wishlist of what is required to strengthen TCP, and to ensure it is “in tune with the needs of the private sector, and can fulfil its mandate”, said Clemente who is also president of Rajah Tours.

Clemente: aspires to have a working partnership between TCP and DoT

One of his top priorities is to convince members who have left to return, and persuade those who are not members to join. Currently, membership stands at a dismal 99 members and, as such, has no clout.

Clemente hopes to gain membership that constitutes tourism-related enterprises in the country, in a bid to present a unified voice to the government when it comes to the needs and wants of the private sector. To do so, TCP has scheduled consultations with private sector stakeholders throughout the country.

“What I want is a partnership between the DoT and the private sector. “We look forward to the support of the DoT in partnering with the TCP for its projects in the coming months,” Clemente said.

“As constituted, the TCP relies on the DoT for the funding of its projects, and as such, hopes to come out with programmes that will positively affect stakeholders. We are committed to working with the DoT in achieving the goals of more arrivals and revenues for the country.”

Also on TCP’s list is the need to address the nomination of private sector in government-owned and controlled corporations, which at the moment is still not enough.

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