Wharf Hotels seeks edge through shared leadership, agile culture

Wharf Hotels has introduced a new leadership programme for its senior teams, meant to serve as a road map to help it stay viable as hotel groups become more commoditised.

The Red Ring Philosophy aims to instil a way of thinking to help leaders create an “inclusive and aspirational culture” for associates.

Wharf Hotels introduces a new leadership programme for its senior teams

According to a Wharf Hotels statement, current trends of hotel commoditisation has meant that “the growing plethora of hotel brands cannot be differentiated other than on price”, hence the strategy to be bold and seek alternative markets and initiatives that will develop new business streams.

Leaders – including general managers, executive committees and department heads – are navigated through the Red Ring Leadership Competency Model to build a creative, results-driven, collaborative and agile culture.

Explaining the two Red Ring principles, Jennifer Cronin, president, Wharf Hotels, said the Live Bold statement is applied to leadership, innovation, vision and experiences for customers; while Stay Sharp encompasses being sustainable, holistic, authentic, relentless and true to the company’s vision and mission.

“Our leaders took the principles of Live Bold, Stay Sharp beyond classrooms with Town Hall Meetings, team building activities, pre-shift briefings and problem resolutions based on the mantra of Red Ring,” Juliette Lim, vice president human resources, Wharf Hotels.

The 2017 Associate Engagement Survey results released last week have shown record employee engagement levels since the exercise began in 2010, highlighting the success of a shared leadership mindset in driving loyalty and defining the right culture, she added.

The programme has rolled out across all 16 of the group’s hotels in China, Hong Kong and the Philippines led by its headquarters leadership team, with over 400 leaders being educated on its guiding principles and competencies.

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