Travelport launches PCI DSS Certification tool for agents

Helping agents of different sizes attain compliance

After travel players like Hong Kong’s WWPKG were recently targeted in hacking incidents, Travelport has announced the launch of an online PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance referral service to help its customers businesses achieve PCI DSS certification.

The travel commerce company pointed out that fraud and hacking in the industry is on the rise, making it critical for companies to maintain a set of security standards when dealing with customers’ credit card information.

Helping agents of different sizes attain compliance

Furthermore, from March 2018, any IATA agent that accepts card transactions against its own merchant agreement or issues BSP card transactions is required to provide proof of PCI DSS compliance to IATA.

Travelport has hence partnered SecurityMetrics, a provider of data security and compliance for organisations worldwide, to offer the PCI DSS Certification programme.

As part of the programme, a multi-language tool will guide agency customers through a self-assessment process and enable them to achieve PCI DSS compliance, a requirement by the card industry for every business that touches card payments.

Level three and four category merchants – those processing fewer than one million card transactions annually – can already start their PCI DSS assessment online at

Enterprise level agents – level one and two merchants processing more than one million card transactions per brand scheme annually – can also benefit from more comprehensive assistance and creation of a bespoke compliance programme.

Further information on Travelport’s PCI DSS Certification Program can be found here:

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