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Keeping customers loyal by putting security first

A mobile app security evangelist has urged greater security attention to be paid to travel booking apps due to the handling of huge volumes...

Cyber risk poised to increase amid evolving travel landscape

Digital expansion has left no segment of the travel ecosystem untouched by cyber risk, with companies like Bangkok Air, Marriott Hotels, SITA and Ticketmaster...

In Singapore, bargain hunters most vulnerable to online travel scams

Almost a third of Singaporeans surveyed in a recent McAfee study indicated they have been scammed, or nearly scammed, when booking a holiday online. Polling...

Aviation still vulnerable to cyber attacks despite greater IT spend: SITA

While the aviation sector has demonstrated awareness of the rising threats to security and data privacy, companies are still lacking in resources and capabilities...

How airlines can assure passengers of data trust

Íñigo Valenzuela, CEO of Smartvel, breaks down the dilemmas when it comes to consumer data and offers his two cents on how airlines can go about obtaining data with the trust of their passengers

Fewer affected in Marriott hack but 5 million passports exposed

Ongoing work by Marriott's internal and external forensics and analytics investigations team has shown that the total number of guest records involved in the...

Cybersecurity spend on the up in aviation amid threats

Cybersecurity remains high on the agenda and is a spending priority for both airport and airline CIOs, even though faster progress towards implementation of...

Advice for those affected by Marriott data breach

After news broke of a major data breach at the world's largest hotel chain, John Shier, senior security advisor at cybersecurity firm Sophos has...

Cathay Pacific data breach affects 9.4 million passengers

Cathay Pacific Airways yesterday revealed that data of up to 9.4 million of its passengers had been accessed without authorisation. The airline said it took...

Making cybersecurity a priority

As travel businesses increasingly rely on digital information systems and other online processes, cyberthreats are rearing their ugly heads with costly consequences. Unless the right measures are taken, few are exempt from the risk of a security breach, not even smaller-scale companies

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