Sabre looks to AI to turn page on hotel revenue management

Goocle, IBM to touch on AI at the conference

Sabre Corporation says it has developed the hospitality industry’s first analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help maximise total hotel revenue.

Combining AI, big data and modern visualisations, the SynXis Analytics Cloud offers predictive analytics and pattern recognition to recommend revenue strategies across channels. By analysing data from operations, finances, room-stay production, ancillaries and rate-room channel configurations, the tool delivers targeted actionable insights to help hotel users avoid lost revenue.

AI, big data to drive automation

A hotel user is also able to design and test different predictive models by choosing a variety of pre-built machine learning algorithms.

The solution combines pre-built insights allowing hotel users to see performance at a region/brand/chain level down to rate code level, and on-demand analytics. It can host and integrate multiple sources of hospitality data in the cloud and empower customised, on-demand analytics consumed through self-service business intelligence capabilities.

According to Sabre, the lack of an industry-grade automated solution has left many hoteliers hamstrung with separate – often manual – reports, creating an expensive lag in their revenue-focused decisions and making them reactive to market dynamics.

“Our vision for SynXis Analytics Cloud is focused on solving the hospitality data integration challenge and meeting hoteliers’ need for self-service business intelligence and AI capabilities,” said Balaji Krishnamurthy, vice president of global strategy, corporate development and business intelligence for Sabre Hospitality Solutions.

“The move to predictive forward-looking analytics represents a tectonic shift for the hospitality industry that has traditionally been limited to static backward-looking reporting. We are bringing AI to operations, distribution, personalization and retailing.”

SynXis Analytics Cloud has already seen take-up from Sabre customers including Denihan Hospitality Group, Preferred Hotels & Resorts and Two Roads Hospitality.

Performance Insights, Self-Service BI (Business Intelligence) and Rate Insights are the flagship products available today in the SynXis Cloud Analytics suite of solutions. Sabre expects to expand its business intelligence offering later this year with additional AI-powered solutions.

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