SLH invites more loyalty through updated programme

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) is replacing its current loyalty programme, The Club of SLH, with a new one called Invited, which it says responds to research that shows what members value the most are rewards that are directly related to their hotel stay, than to wider promotions and brand affiliations.

As such, Invited offers members exclusive rates, guaranteed benefits and ‘Small Luxuries’ right from their first stay at any of SLH’s 500 hotels worldwide. That includes 10 per cent off Best Available Rate, free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

As SLH’s research also shows that members desire greater clarity, a new marketing technology on its website provides a customised overview of members’ current benefits, existing reservations and what they need to do to progress to the next tier.

Members also asked for both the booking value and number of stays to be taken into account, so SLH altered the old programme such that the highest tier is now based on six or more stays, or a spend of US$6,000 or more per year.

SLH said it will be delivering many of the programme features itself, including rewards ranging from a bottle of a guest’s favourite wine to a yacht trip.

Invited is available for all stays booked via SLH channels;, the SLH App, voice centre and through travel agents. All active members will be invited to move across to the new programme and new members simply have to register at

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