Amadeus shines light on diverse travel preferences in APAC

Journey of Me report reveals varying travel preferences in Asia-Pacific

Amadeus, in collaboration with YouGov, has centred on the diverse preferences, behaviours and demands characterising the region’s travellers in its Amadeus Journey of Me Insights traveller survey.

In terms of where they prefer to receive trip information, 62 per cent and 70 per cent of Australian and New Zealand travellers respectively chose email. Chinese travellers, on the other hand, are most likely to prefer to be contacted via messaging services like WeChat (41 per cent), and almost half of all Thai travellers want to be contacted through social media.

Journey of Me report reveals varying travel preferences in Asia-Pacific

Recommendations that help save money was the top choice for Malaysian travellers, while Vietnamese travellers prefer recommendations that help ensure their safety.

Offering an example of how starkly travel preference can vary, Amadeus said that while 84 per cent of Singaporeans travellers think it’s important that service staff in their chosen destination speak a language they understand, only four per cent of Hong Kong travellers think the same.

And while 70 per cent of Japanese travellers surveyed have never used a sharing economy service for trip accommodation, almost half of Indian travellers say they do so ‘often’ and ‘very often’.

The research further revealed that online booking sites, travel review sites, along with word of mouth, have the largest influence on Asia-Pacific travellers’ trip planning. These were also ranked the top three sources from which Asia Pacific travellers have received relevant travel recommendations.

More information of the study can be viewed here.

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