Amadeus offers agencies Productivity Tracker tool

Productivity Tracker has become the latest addition to the Amadeus Agency Insight suite.

The new web-based tool uses data analytics to identify areas for operational improvement and empowers agencies of all sizes to make more effective decisions. Agencies can, for example, detect process inefficiencies and take corrective action.

The solution’s report catalogue reflects performance at different levels of the organisation and at all stages of the booking life-cycle. These can show agencies what contributes most to overall booking and revenue, allowing them to better determine where to allocate resources.

Additionally, forward-looking analysis and trends empower agents to make strategic decisions on a broad range of business areas. For example, they can gain foresight into bookings at risk of cancellation and respond in time to protect their reservations.

As well, individual users can customise the display of reports and download them in a variety of formats, enabling agency staff at all levels to analyse the most relevant information.

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